Chai tea ☕

I was introduced to chai tea in Michigan, while living in the United States. I was very sick with a cold in the middle of a long cold snowy winter and a dear friend bought me a soy chai latte from a coffee shop, when I lost my voice. My next taste of chai would be in Australia, I watched an Indian work mate make us a pot of chai tea in the lunch room during a Victorian winter.

The main thing chai reminds me of is friendship and generosity. This is how I was shown to make chai tea.

  • 4 tbsp black tea (4 tea bags)
  • 9 cardamom pods
  • 9 cloves
  • Fresh ginger (small half thumb sized)
  • 2 sticks cinnamon
  • 5 black pepper corns
  • 8 tsp sugar
  • 2 cups milk (soy milk)
  • 2 cups hot water

Boilbwater in a kettle

Crush cardamom, cloves, pepper corn and ginger in your mortar and pestle. Add that mixture to a sauce pan, add your boiled water and tea and let simmer. Let your cinnamon steep for 5 minutes, by boiling in the sauce pan. Add your milk and sugar, remove from heat when the milk just starts to bubble (don’t allow the milk to boil).

Strain out your spices and tea, pour your tea in a nice teapot to serve.

If you have the flu, this is very comforting and soothing, you can replace dairy milk with soy milk if you are congested.

Stay safe, stay warm and drink chai.

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