Banana Pudding

Something nice to have during summer. An American creamy desert. I love banana Pudding, it has everything that I love about sweet creamy deserts. Fruit, cream and custard.


Ripe Bananas

The Biscuit

Vanilla Pudding

Whipped Cream

Ripe Bananas

Pick 6 sweet firm ripe bananas. Slice thinly and place aside

The Biscuit

Traditionally in the USA, Nilla waffers are used for this recipe; these are delicisious so feel free to use them. I use Lady Fingers; The same used for Tiramisu. Nilla wafferes aren’t sold in Australian supermarkets that I’ve seen, but there are always Lady Fingers. Most expats make their own. Slice your Lady Fingers and set a side

Vanilla Pudding

You can use any available instant Vanilla pudding. The one I use does not require any heat, only milk and thickens up in the fridge after 15 minutes.

Whipped Cream

Whipping your own cream from a thickend cream always produces a better tasting product. If you can, whip 300 ml of thicken cream.

The Assembly

This is a no bake desert. For this weekend’s dinner party I gave each person individual cups.

1 layer of vanilla pudding, 1 layer of the sliced biscuit, 1 layer of sliced banana, 1 layer of whipped cream. you have follow this pattern until your cup is filled to the top.

You can follow the same pattern if you are making a tray for a family cookout or a picnic.

Once you’ve assembled your banana pudding deserts keep them in the fridge to set. Ideally you should prepare this at least 3 hours before it’s meant to be served so the biscuits can absorb the moisture from the cream.

Bon Manger!

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