Tastey Tip Tuesday! – Prepare a potato

Baked potato is such a easy meal to put together, once the potato is cooked. The potao takes so long to cook in the oven – about 40 minutes or more, so most people cook them in the Microwave; however if you would like a fluffy oven baked potato that would be even quicker than a Microwave potato do This:

  • Wrap a scrubbed large potato in baking paper
  • wrap that same potato in foil
  • repeat this for the quantity of potatoes you want to serve (Dinner for two or dinner for 6).

The idea here is that you’re not eatting these potatoes that day, but you are preparing and anticipating the mid-week slump where no one wants to cook (unless you do want to cook or have the time to, #choices).

Place these potatoes in the oven @200 degrees Celcius to cook the day before for 1 hour, they don’t need to be watched, you can even prepare current dinner while these are baking; or even better if current dinner is already making use of the oven add mid-week’s jacker potato, #moneysaver.

Once these are cooked, cool them and place them in the fridge. The night you will serve them you will only need to warm them in the oven and add your favorite toppings and voila dinner is served. These cooked potatoes can last in the Fridge for 3 to 5 days.

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