Nepalese Vegetarian Momos (Dumplins)

I started looking into making Perogies and decided to try this dumplin dish first.

I was listening to a blog on Spotify and the speaker had a guest on who had an intersting experience with some perogies and made comments of how good they were. I’d never heard of perogies before, so googled them and decided that I was going to try to make these.

I was speaking to a Nepalese co-worker about his evening meal and he mentioned that he was going to make Momos at home, and so I searched for these as well, they were the same ingredients as perogies and so I decided to go the route of the Nepal Momo.

The Elements

Dumblin Dough

Mash Potato

diced Brown Onions

Vegetables: Carrot, spring onions, peas (anything you like)

Dumplin Dipping Sauce

Steamer and Dumblin press

The dough

This is the part where you choose to buy the dough pre-made or to make your own. In Australia and America, you can buy dumplin dough, but in the Caribbean you would have to make your own. I went into this like I was back home on the island.

1.5 cups of flour

1/2 cup salted water

Form a bouncey dough from these ingredients and set a side for at least 30 minutes covered in pastic wrap to rest.

The Filling

This is where you can be creative. You can fill these with anything you like. I made these vegetarian and filled them with a mash potato mixture:

peel and boil 3 small potatoes

saute` onions with you fav vege, I used peas and carrot

Allow the mixture to cool completely and mix the mash with the saute` vege.

season to taste with salt, pepper and garlic.

This is where it gets a bit dogey for me. This was my first go at making dumplins so my wrapping skills were not up to par as you can tell from the pictures; but this is all part of the adventure. You can use a press, I suggest you do, but I could not locate my press as I just moved house.

Roll your dough into small balls, and use a rolling pin to flatten them as thin as is manageable for you. add more flour if the dough is sticky, this requires a firm dough.

add your filling to the centre of the rolled out dough circle and join the edges together. use a dublin press to form the dumplins, I crinkled the edges by hand as I could not find my press.

This is what a Dumplin Press looks like, I also use these to make Beef Patties (Click here to buy these on Amazon)

Time to Steam

Oil the base of your steamer so the dumplins don’t stick to the bottom. don’t over crowd your steamer, do them in batches:

Steam your dumplins for 30 minutes.

While you are waiting for them to steam, prepare the dipping sauce:


Soy Sauce

Sesame oil

Sesame seeds

sweet chillie sauce

brown vinegar

notice I have no measurements, I think you can decided how much of each element you want in your sauce based on your pallet. Some may be happy to exclude the sesame, especially if you have nut allergies.

Once your dumplins are steamed, server with your dippig sause on top, or on the side.

Bon Manger!

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