The Cobb

The American Chop Salad. What a delicious meal for a hot day and a good way to use up left over chicken from a roast chicken or schnitzel.

My Inspiration for this dish, a hot day and left over chicken schnitzel from last night’s dinner


  • Bacon
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Lettuce, cherry Tomatoe, Cucumber, spanish onion
  • avocado
  • Grated Cheddar cheese
  • Salad Dressing of your choice


For this salad, you want to have all element preped before starting your build.

Wash and cut your salads, Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and Spanish onion.

Prepare your bacon the way you like it

Boil your eggs to the firmness you and your family member enjoy. Some people like very hard boiled eggs with a firm yolk, while other like the yolk softer. I like a soft yolk so I’m careful not to boil the eggs for too long. I like a “googey” egg where as my youngest step son likes a very hard boiled egg.

Cook your chicken or use left over from a rotisserie chicken. This is a good recipe to use up left over chicken from a roast, or any left over meat, does not have to be chicken. you may choose to skip the meat elements all together.

For your cheese you can choose to use blue cheese, parmesan or fetta; I chose cheddar because I had a small block left in the fridage that I wanted to use up. I hate wasting food so I will use what I have rather than going to the store and buying.

You can prepare your own dressing or use your favorite brand

Dice your avocado, sprinkle with a little lemon juice to keep it from oxidizing, and if you’re Aussie you might also Add beatroot.


Start with a bed of your washed lettuce, I used Romain. Layer on your cherry tomato, cucumber and onions. Strategically place your bacon and chicken, and sprinkle over with your grated cheese. Put the Avocado (and/or beats) on top.

Allow your people to choose how much dressing they want by not dressing the salad. This will also allow for you to have left overs for the next day that aren’t soggy or wilted.

This is not a side dish, this is very filling, so make it your main. This is a great recipe for people doing low carb dieting or just people who are looking to increase their veg intake.

Leave out the meat and cheese and it’s Vegan/vegetarian. The left overs can be added to a wrap for next day’s lunch.

Bon Manger!

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