Rasta Pasta

I Never had this at home; I discovered this recipe through my other Caribbean friends from other islands while living in America and going to big West Indian cook-outs. This reminds me of a carbonara sauce withough the egg yolks. This is made with Jerk chicken, usually thighs, and a coconut cream based sauce with capsicum,onion, herbs and pasta.

Marinate 400g chicken thighs in Jerk seasoning for at least 1 hour. Add lime juice, green onions, fresh thyme and oil to the marinate dry rub with your chicken thighs cut ino medium chunks.

Shallow fry your seasoned jerk chicken thighs in a little oil, slice and set aside.

Boil your pasta, follow the instructions on the package (this will depend on what type of pasta you buy), drain the hot water as soon as the pasta is boiled (don’t over cook the pasta by letting it sit in it’s hot water after it’s done cooking). Drizzle your cooked pasta with 2 tsps of olive oil to prevent it from sticking and clumping together; toss the pasta in the olive oil, make sure each bit is coated in the olive oil.


Sliced Jerk Chicken thighs (400g), Green capsicum, red casicum, yellow capsicum, brown onion, fresh parsley, mushrooms, 300g pasta, 1/2 can of coconut milk, 150g cream, 75g butter, salt and pepper to taste, jerk seasoning.

Saute your vegetables in a frying pan with butter (capsicums, onions, mushrooms)
Add your cream and coconut milk to make the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste.

Tip: Add more jerk seasoning to up the flavor if you like more jerk seasoning taste.

Add your cooked sliced jerk chicken thighs to your rasta pasta sauce, mix up and then add your cooked pasta and coat in the Sauce. Warm the dish through, turn off the heat.

Chop your fresh parsley and add it to the pasta dish for flavor, color and freshness.

Serve this hot in winter or cold as a pasta salad in the summer. This can be Vegetarian if you leave out the chicken, use tofu or seitan.

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