The Polish pierogi

After weeks of research, I’ve made my first attempt at making pierogi. These are meat free, and everyone loves them.

These potato dumplins are boiled and then fried in butter, like a pot sticker dumplin. They are most times served with bacon, sauted onions and sour cream on top.

These took me 3 hours to make. The unique thing about these dumplins is how the dough is prepared, you can’t buy the dough pre-made any where, so you must make the skin from scratch.

The dough is a combination of sour cream, eggs, butter, salt and flour; a dough that really is only good for making pierogi.

These are now my favorites. The filling came out tasty made with mash potatoes, sauted onions, cream cheese, salt, pepper and thyme.

The trickiest part of this recipe is folding the dumplins and sealing the edges so they don’t burst open when you steam them.

These were one of my taste of a different culture experiments, they came out great. I made enough to keep in the fridge and enjoy another day.

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