Pork rice paper rolls, fried

Discovered rice paper in Australia. Asian food goes beyond take out here. Such a malleable ingredient, I decided to try making something with it at home for the first time. Ingredients 500g pork mince 3 green onions diced Diced or mince ginger to taste 4 cloves of minced garlic diced small brown onion Soy sauceContinue reading “Pork rice paper rolls, fried”

The Polish pierogi

After weeks of research, I’ve made my first attempt at making pierogi. These are meat free, and everyone loves them. These potato dumplins are boiled and then fried in butter, like a pot sticker dumplin. They are most times served with bacon, sauted onions and sour cream on top. These took me 3 hours toContinue reading “The Polish pierogi”