Eat and Enjoy seasonal Vegetables

The most affordable produce is usually what is plentiful. The most plentiful produce is usually what is in season. Seasonal foods are also easy to produce at home.

What’s in season where you live?

Here in SE Queensland Australia, it’s winter. Winters are mild and there is no snow. This winter I’m growing, lettuce, broccoli, silver beat, tomatoes, zucchini and lots of herbs.

In season are: Mushrooms, onions, silverbeet, spinach, tomatoes, broad beans, strawberries. It’s also a good time to grow dill and lettuce. Also in season, pumpkin and if you like eggplant you should start planting them this month.

Due to lots of rain and flooding, most of certain varieties of crops were destroyed. Flooding especially impacted lettuce crops. Prices for lettuce, our favorite salad filler, has recently increased; and it not just inflation, it’s also production and supply. Quality has been poor as well, with what survived the bad weather, not looking good to eat. Why not grow your own greens?

Herbs have also inflated in price, but at this time of year, growing bountifully in my home garden. I bought a packet of coriander seeds and sprinkled them in the garden bed and a few days later they all sprouted. I did the same with parsley and now I have enough herbs not to have to buy any for a while.

Meat is expensive now, so eat more veggies. Vegetable stir fry with noodles is so good in winter.

Vegetable Chopsuey

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