Sweet Potato Pudding (Pone)

This is a Murasaki sweet potato most comonly know as a sweet potato in the Caribbean. This has a white fleshed and a purple skined groud tuber vegetavle, and is drier than it’s orange counterpart. When we say sweet potato in the Caribbean, this is what we mean. Bigger islands refer to this recipe asContinue reading “Sweet Potato Pudding (Pone)”

Banana Smoothie

Bananas, a portable delicious snack. Both of my grand parents were involved in banana farming on the island. Money from selling bananas is what fed the family for decades. Bananas were our main cash crop, till the industry turned to cheaper producers from South America. These producers were able to cut production cost by exploitingContinue reading “Banana Smoothie”

Banana Pudding

Something nice to have during summer. An American creamy desert. I love banana Pudding, it has everything that I love about sweet creamy deserts. Fruit, cream and custard. Elements Ripe Bananas The Biscuit Vanilla Pudding Whipped Cream Ripe Bananas Pick 6 sweet firm ripe bananas. Slice thinly and place aside The Biscuit Traditionally in theContinue reading “Banana Pudding”

German Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich)

One of my German friends told me this was her favorite cake, and this is my first attempt at making it with her in mind. I started my journey by asking her how her granny would make it, because in my research there are two ways to prepare the batter for this cake. One isContinue reading “German Bee Sting Cake (Bienenstich)”