Deviled Eggs 🥚

I’ve made 100s of these with my mom for Weddings when she did a catering side- hustle. They’re a great low carbohydrate snack/meal and a good way to use eggs that aren’t fresh enough to poach. These are common finger food for receptions and parties. If I’m on a low carb diet and I seeContinue reading “Deviled Eggs 🥚”

Caribbean fried bakes (fried dumplin) – Johnny Cake

Growing up in the Caribbean, at my home, when there is no bread we make bakes. That’s usually a Sunday when the Bakery is closed. We buy our bread fresh from the bakery every day in the Caribbean, as kids our baker, Mr. Oscar would give us dough, and mom would let us fry itContinue reading “Caribbean fried bakes (fried dumplin) – Johnny Cake”

Nepalese Vegetarian Momos (Dumplins)

I started looking into making Perogies and decided to try this dumplin dish first. I was listening to a blog on Spotify and the speaker had a guest on who had an intersting experience with some perogies and made comments of how good they were. I’d never heard of perogies before, so googled them andContinue reading “Nepalese Vegetarian Momos (Dumplins)”