Bread Pudding

A childhood treat. I loved bread pudding growing up. As a child I had no idea it was made with stale bread. In the Caribbean you would buy bread pudding from the bakery, mom never made this at home. I forgot about bread pudding while living in the United States; I’m assuming that’s not somethingContinue reading “Bread Pudding”

Mushroom Gravy Pasta

Pasta is one of the most versatile ingredient in the pantry. It’s usually part of the weekly shopping and meal plan. But usually in a tomato sauce. For some cultures pasta is the main event, this recipe is a side dish. This side goes well with lamb or beef. This is a gravy sauce mixedContinue reading “Mushroom Gravy Pasta”


Cabbage is one of they most versatile vegetables. It can be served Hot or cold; it’s affordable, plentiful and delicious. I can’t find a place or culture in the world where it is not in full use. When planning meals, part of the difficulties of planning is finding side dishes that you haven’t already hadContinue reading “Cabbage”

The Polish pierogi

After weeks of research, I’ve made my first attempt at making pierogi. These are meat free, and everyone loves them. These potato dumplins are boiled and then fried in butter, like a pot sticker dumplin. They are most times served with bacon, sauted onions and sour cream on top. These took me 3 hours toContinue reading “The Polish pierogi”

Working with a Tiny Kitchen

For five years this was the only counter I had. This tiny kitchen was built in 1960 and remained untouched till we re-homed the old house to build new. With a kitchen like that you’d think we’d have a lot of take out, but a lot of my favorite meals came together right here. HowContinue reading “Working with a Tiny Kitchen”

Coconut Rough cake

A childhood favorite, now a winter time treat I make for friends and family here in Australia. Growing up on a tropical island full of coconut trees, why not make tastey treats with an item that’s basically free and easily found, coconuts. The rough part is the texture when you add grated coconut to aContinue reading “Coconut Rough cake”