Working with a Tiny Kitchen

For five years this was the only counter I had. This tiny kitchen was built in 1960 and remained untouched till we re-homed the old house to build new.

With a kitchen like that you’d think we’d have a lot of take out, but a lot of my favorite meals came together right here.

How do you work with a small space?

Prep in sections, Veges first, put in the fridge then season protein. Make use of the dining room table to set things aside once they’ve been prepped.

Simple meals. Meat and three vege. Baking before or after meal prep.
Keep your work area clear. If you’re done with something, put it away.

Keep your work area clear. If you’re done with something, put it away.

Wash as you go. My tiny kitchen had one small sink and no dish washer. No space for mess. Clean as you go.

One person in the kitchen at a time. If I’m cooking, everyone must leave me to it, the kitchen was so small there was no room for helpers.

Food tastes the same if it’s made with the right heart ❤️. Focus on the goal.

Growing up in the Caribbean, alot of our cooking was done outside one a coalpot, and to me food tasted better made like that.

How really do you cook in a less than perfect kitchen? Determination. Restaurants and fast food have their place in our lives, but we should be creating our own meals in our kitchens and have control over what we put in our body.

Don’t cook like a chef. We are home with our families who would enjoy a simple familiar meal. Forget what you see on TV and enjoy a sausage and mash dinner with some pease and gravy. Buy nice sausages and make creamy mash.

Always start with a clean kitchen. If you have a tiny kitchen and it’s in a mess, there will be no success with cooking until it’s cleaned and cleared. Use your vertical space for storage.

Your counter, as little as it is, is not for storage. Keep nothing on your counter. I found a space for everything that kept them off the counter. The toaster was placed in a cupboard once we were finished using it or breakfast was over. It just became a habit.

Finally, it’s ok to take a break from the tiny kitchen and have a meal out. Respite is important. Go out to your favorite restaurant or get your favorite take out.

Become a keen cook; because once you are keen you will cook, no matter what.

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