Singapore Noodles

Lately everytime we have Thai take-out my hubby orders Singapore noodles. I guess he likes it so I did some research and made him Singapore noodles this way: Ingredients Rice vermicelli noodles 100g pack 5 Spring onions Fried eggs(3) 3 carrots (Julien slice) 1/4 Cabbage 3 Lup Chong Chinese sausage diced 3 tbsp Dark soyContinue reading “Singapore Noodles”

Chicken Alfredo

I was introduced to this meal in America, my Aussie family loves chicken Alfredo. A simple and rich Italian pasta dish. You can use any pasta you like, but no macaroni! Ingredients 300g chicken breast or thigh sliced 50g butter 250g cream 1/4 cup full cream milk 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese Salt and pepper toContinue reading “Chicken Alfredo”

Caribbean Chicken Curry

A weekly favorite growing up. East Indian influenced dish from our shared Afro/Indian history in the ” new world”/ Caribbean. Served with rice or rotti, this recipe is nutritious, can be easily converted to vegan if you change chicken to chickpeas and very tasty. Ingredients Diced carrotsDiced brown onionsChopped Spring onions3 sprigs of ThymeChopped freshContinue reading “Caribbean Chicken Curry”